No More Gridlock of the Soul

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I’ve entered a new world and only now do I see the gridlock of the soul I’d been living with for decades. I feel at peace; a warm, expansive and easy confidence resting in my chest. I’m just me and I love it.

How did I get here? Inner Dynamics Coaching. It’s parts work.

What is Inner Dynamics Coaching or Parts Work?

Inner Dynamics Coaching or Parts work is a personal development model that acknowledges people have different parts or aspects of their identity. The existence of parts inevitably leads to inner conflict – our most important issue.

How do you work with your parts? By talking to them and, before you think that’s weird, consider: Your parts are already taking to you  – all day long. You know those voices in your head that tell you god knows what? Those are various parts talk to you.

You may have a:

• Critical part
• Sad part
• Easy going part
• Rebellious part
• Hurt child part
• Intellection part
• Angry part


When your parts (which are different than your core self) get triggered and take over, they react according to their nature. Each and every part of you has habituated to life circumstances, habitually reacting how it thinks best. And with such a variety of parts within each of us, these parts conflict with each other. A war within rages with no one to create peace.

No one but you, that is.

You’ve heard and felt the war within, right?

Most of us go through life with conflicting parts of ourselves at war with each other. Lacking options, we typically become a victim of the war. We try to adjust, try to make it go away, but the inner battle rages on with no end in sight.

Where inner peace comes from…

If there is going to be peace, you will make it happen. You, meaning the You that is just you; your core self that is not a subpersonality. The You that begins with a capital Y.

Most people are so caught up in autopilot reactions that they don’t have much of a space to be themselves, much less officially recognize the Self.

No Self, No Leadership

Yet, the Self is your only hope. You’re IT, kid! And this is what happened with me. Through Inner Dynamics training and some great coaching, I learned to identify my Self and begin to heal the conflicts that were nesting deep within my soul.

I don’t know how to explain it. But I know it’s real because when my Self became the leader of my various parts, I experienced a level of healing and relief that, in spite of 25 years experience as a therapist and coach, I’d never experienced before.

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